Emergency Locksmith Service   

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Commercial Locksmith
  • Safe installation
  • Full service alarm installation
  • Panic doors
  • File cabinet locks
  • Access control system    + 

Residential Locksmith
  • Lock installation & repair
  • Door and Garage locks
  • Fencing & gate locks
  • Key duplication
  • Master key system           + 

Automotive Locksmith
  • Emergency car openings
  • Ignition unlock
  • Broken key ext-ration
  • Transponder chip key
  • Car key programming    + 

Braintree Locksmith Services

If you’re in search of a Braintree, MA Locksmith, then call us for getting any type of locksmith service or solution as the quality of our locksmith service is verified. With a fast 20 minutes response time and high quality services, we are the only locksmith company you will ever hire.

We are a family and locally run locksmith company dedicated to quality services. We are insured, licensed, bonded, and certified. We’re personal, punctual, and professional. We use modern equipments and are advanced with new developments in both locksmithing and lockpicking. So, with us, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. We’ll beat any of our competitor’s rates. We are a full services locksmith company: not just can we take you out of any jam, but guard you for future, and perhaps make your life easier as well with our services as follows:

Emergency Services
Office, vehicle & house lockout
Re-keying (electronic keys too)
If your kid is locked in car, call instantly!
Extract & replace the broken key
Gates & sliding door
Master keys
Locks replacement & repair
High security lock
…and more! We are the key to all your locksmith problems!

Residential Locksmith Services

Have you just misplaced your key and are they either stolen or lost? Did you hand over your key to somebody who is not trustworthy any longer? Has your roommate shifted and neglected to give the key back? You don’t need to dread the expense and time of needing to change the lock on your doors because of any of such situations.

It’s always not necessary to replace whole lock system in this situation. We can rekey the locks for just a fraction of cost of installing a completely new locking system.

The procedure of rekeying the lock involves changing its interior tumblers in the lock to different size, which won’t just accept the original, old key sets. You will get a completely new key from our locksmith and rekeying process will remove any worry that the old key that is floating around of this lock can be utilized to compromise your security or safety.

Take deep breath. Seriously.
Realize this occurs with hundreds of people daily, and you’re one of them only!
Stop and think over it. Does ANYONE have a key to your property? Any keys you have hidden anywhere? Have you checked all other windows and doors?
Alright. There are some possibilities: A) You just keep looking haphazardly (cursing), B) You repeat the steps, or C) Now you’ve “ah-hah!” and memorize you actually did something quite different with your key.
What you just DON’T have to do is to focus on whom to blame…just…locate…the key.
- your pockets? Others pockets?
-bags, purses, strollers, vehicles…
-have you visited a restroom?
-where may they have fallen from your purse or pocket?
-can you call all the places you have visited?
Keep in mind the place you’ve looked already, or *leave marker,* so that you don’t just drive yourself passionate looking in same places many times.
If you’ve spent more than 20 minutes looking, it’s worth your peace of mind and time to call our locksmith
Braintree, MA technicians and allow them to take care now of it. We usually come within 20 minutes of your call. In the meantime, below are some suggestions:

Relax and call your friend. Post your witty situation on Facebook.
Keep looking for keys or thinking about a way to move in. Who knows?
A few of you will be really wanting to find a few tools and attempt to dismantle the locks or break inside; in any emergency it might be completely worth so it is your call. Simply exercise vigilance and understand that it may make fixing the problem more involved.

Commercial Locksmith Services

· Many do it yourselfers botch lock installations by not measuring correctly, by not using proper locksmith equipments or high quality lock parts. So, for lock installation which ensures peace of your mind, ask our locksmith for complimentary consultations. We also offer our commercial locksmith services for:

· Master key systems

· Replace locks

· Re-key

· Panic bar & emergency exit

· Door closer & exit device

· File drawers, cabinets, mailboxes, desks, padlocks

· High security systems & locks

· Safe opening services

· CCTV/IP cameras

· Biometric and many other alarms

…and a lot more!

Our locksmith Braintree, MA technicians’ goal is to provide affordable locksmith service with unmatched customer services. Let us assist you get back in your home, vehicle or office or replace the lock at your home or office.